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December 4, 2008
Keynote on Usability & Creativity:
Elizabeth Churchill
- Yahoo!
Design and Mnemotechnics in the Age of Distributed Digital Data 
(PDF 7,81Mb)
Usability & Creativity
Joyce Ohgi, Dustin Beltram - Oracle
Myths and Realities of Enterprise 2.0 Users
(PDF 1,85Mb)
Chan-il Kim - M.Des. Institute of Design, IIT
Incorporating Experiential Emotion in User Interface Design Process
(PDF 618Kb)
Fergus Roche - Gomitech
Owning the interaction in dynamic environments
(PDF 2,40Mb)
Mike Glaser - SpankDesign
Induced creativity, intuition, and wisdom in the production of co-created solutions 
(PDF 8,95Mb)
Michele Visciola - Experientia
Agile UCD to design the usability of an interactive news website
(PDF 2,6 Mb)
Managing Design in Organizations
Thyra Rauch - IBM
Agile UCD: The good, the bad, and the potentially ugly
(PDF 541Kb)
Soisson Gérard, Barrere Gautier
Service eLuxembourg
A holistic web quality framework for organizations with few resources:
The Luxemburg example

(PDF 1,98Mb)
Daniel Szuc - Apogeehk
Selling usability in organizations
(PDF 2,11Mb)
Sascha Mahlke  
Learning from Users to Innovate: User Research and Innovation
(PDF 78Kb)
Keynote on EMAPA Users:
Anxo Cereijo Roibàs - Vodafone Global
Engaging in Dialogue: reaching out to customers in emerging countries
(PDF 1,04Mb)

December 5, 2008
Keynote on Industrial Design:
Isao Hosoe
The Neomadic Design
(PDF 8,81Mb)
Industrial Design
Bengt Göransson - IT-Arkitekterna - GInfraCAM
A Design Case
(PDF 230Kb)
Lore Nuyens - Human Interface Group
Tell me who’s sneaking around my house and turning on my coffee maker: the seamless aggregation of e-services in your home
(PDF 11,2Mb)
Anders Wikström - Mälardalen University
idPeo a Multidisciplinary Approach to Innovative Product Realization
(PDF 213Kb)
Mobile Design & Usability
Jens Jacobsen - Content Crew
Usable Audio – Best Practices for Auditory Content
(PDF 11,1Mb)
Shawn Lawton Henry - W3C MIT
Overlapping User Experiences: Mobile Web Usability and Accessibility for People with Disabilities
Anja Naumann - Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Interaction with Information and Communication Technology: A Classification of User Types 
(PDF 2,39Mb)
Cross Cultural
Gerry Gaffney - InfoDesign
Cultural Probes in real life 
(PDF 1,32Mb)
Arne Kittler - Fork Unstable Media
Brand Web globalization balanced by user experience
(PDF 15,2Mb)
Giorgio Venturi
Remote, synchronous user research for international usability: a case study
(PDF 385Kb)

Radhi Parekh
Developing a Global Design Methodology: A Case Study
(PDF 132Kb)

Keynote on Cross Cultural Design:
Daria Loi - Intel Corporation

Digital home storage beyond devices: a cross cultural perspective on how people keep, protect and find what they value

Please contact surrealist.milliner@gmail.com in case you are interested
in the presentation.

December 6, 2008
Outlook to the future
Julie Baher - Adobe
Bill Westerman - Create with Context
Going with the Flow: Creative experiences of the future, what’s the role for technology?
(PDF 0,99Mb)
Catriona Campbell - Foviance
Web 2.0 Social Media, and how to research it using the latest quantitative and qualitative methods and tools
(PDF 0,97Mb)
Shawn Lawton Henry - W3C MIT
How New Web Accessibility Standards Impact User Experience

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